Miguel To Get Conscious…

 |  August 31, 2011

This past weekend, Miguel got a chance to talk with Rap-Up at the MTV Video Music Awards. He talked about his upcoming sophomore album and what to expect:

I’m excited to discuss a few topics outside of the romantic experience, but still keep it very relatable… We don’t have that many ‘urban’ artists that are chronicling the times.A lot has been on my mind, so some of those things I might discuss on this next album.

Miguel wants to put on a little more weight on his music and get conscious. I don’t necessarily know if he can do it like Marvin Gaye, because I’m not sure today’s audience is ready or even wants to hear anything other than a good upbeat lighthearted song. It would be amazing if Miguel could pull it off though. Miguel also talked about getting in the studio with Usher, which should be interesting. Check out the full video below.