Lil Skies Keeps The New Music Coming With “World Rage”

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Skies cannot be stopped.

Pennsylvania’s Lil Skies could have easily fit the mold of the slanderous “internet rapper” moniker that has befallen ostensible previous clones of his. On the surface, Skies has all the makings of one of these gimmicks: he has more face tats than he does bear skin; he stuffs his thin dreads under a dad hat; he used the SoundCloud platform for proliferation. But just because someone fits a certain mold doesn’t mean that they’re cut from that cloth. Skies, defiantly, is out here proving his legitimate artistry, and consistently fighting upstream to buoy above the elusive surface. Most recently, Skies has continued this intrepid journey forward with the release of his newest track, “World Rage”.

Check out the new Lil Skies track below: