P*ssy I’d Never Pay For

 |  October 1, 2010

Yikes!  1stLady, a female rap group from Atlanta, just released a video for their song “I’m Selling P*ssy.”  The petit member of the group looks like the female version of Mystikal…I wish I could say something nicer about the other members.  These women shouldn’t quit their day jobs…because any employer would fire them after seeing this.  Based on how busted these b*tches are, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re selling their p*ssy for a bustdown on a Black & Mild.

  • Gedasoul

    busted bitches…. song makes me smile tho

  • ReallyP

    They can't hit my Black&Mild it would of been cool if they had a strip club theme but they just up there selling pussy and the dude who wrote this article is so into the big girls.

  • YO! I was thinkin the same shit! Chubby Chasers! HAHAHA!

  • JGerson

    Really, P?