I know you guys are going to hate me for this one, you probably came in here expecting to see some hot sexy cake pics from Snooki. Sorry its all fail today, I present to you Snooki`s cakes but I wouldnt call them cakes because she is shaped like a bottle of blue cheese and probably taste like it too.

  • Kookoodoodoo


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Machicote/100000216425266 Charles Machicote

    somethings are better covered up flat arsed

  • Lynlel

    oh my god why is she so popular!

  • Mike_Stylezz_The_Blog_Wonder

    Happy #stpatricksday ya'll. If anyone see that leprechaun sn00ki let her know imma catch her sooner or later.

  • yahhh trick

    i fuckin hate blue cheese yo