Mira Beach High, a Manhattan Beach high school in California… This place had the potential to go down in kush history as the home of Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg’s  upcoming movie, until the duo were kicked off the property by the school’s principal for smoking up. Wiz and Snoop are filming a movie also entitled ‘High School’ and intended to use Mira Beach High as the location for the movie’s title track. The $3000 a day shooting permit fee may have blinded principal Ben Dale to the fact that he was leasing out his school for filming to two of rap’s biggest stoners. He states: “It was evident to us that they did not act with professionalism, and did not understand where they were — a high school campus.” Yeah, because a shoot depicting Snoop and Wiz’s time in high school wouldn’t involve weed?? Come on!

And it gets funnier. Allegedly the school’s assistant superintendent asked the rappers to destroy footage which involves Snoop rapping about MILF-sex. And also the vice-principal was snapped in several photos with Snoop, which appeared on Facebook and pissed off all the other teachers, leading them to express their discontent in the Daily Breeze:

“It’s in a Costa classroom. It’s recognizable because of the stuff on the wall,” the teacher said.Students in class began questioning teachers about the propriety of allowing the filming, one teacher said, noting that members of the Mira Costa baseball teams were recently suspended from playing amid rumors of drug and alcohol use.

“All day long, every single class was asking, ‘Did you hear about Snoop Dogg? Why is the school letting this happen?’ They were questioning the inconsistency,” the teacher said.

Yes, I’m sure all the students were really upset about having two big name rappers on set. Check out some videos which show Snoop caught in the act here. I refuse to post them as this on-set-groupie-guy ‘Pro Reese’ is so profoundly annoying that apart from (1:10) deep it’s really not worth the watch. Spotted at HHDX.