So Paris Hilton Has A Fatty Now….

 |  October 23, 2010

Here’s Paris Hilton at Trashy Lingerie in Los Angeles yesterday where she tried on various Halloween costumes including a slutty sailor outfit. I would never think it would be possible for Paris to gain weight but it seems like her cakes grew. Either grew or she visited the doctor for some injections. Either way I must say those pants actually look pretty good.untitled-43

  • Henokalrahim

    she so fine..


    I am so glad Paris put on some weight and I think she has a great butt now!!! looks like her cleavage is natural too…good for her!!!

  • juno brown

    wow amazing….. check out my nigga Jero DeNero debut mixtape “BiPolar” droppin early dec'2010 hes versatile, deep, witty and lyrical from The biga apple with a dirty dirty influence real hip hop head -uno-

  • Wendell

    asian dudes got some small dicks ninja

  • Sangsung

    damn white girls are takin over im sorry sisters its a wrapppp

  • Chris Ruiz

    no more coca do wonders on woman well some woman