The Game Responds To Jay-Z In France

 |  July 6, 2009

So Game did this little stunt in Bordeaux, France. You can tell neither of these guys really care.  The Game is just getting people to say “Fuck Jay-Z”, and it comes off a little un-creative.  I think its just weak sauce for a dude from Compton to diss a guy from Brooklyn in Bordeaux, France of all places.  On 4th of July weekend no less.  Hopefully they just let this one fizzle away.



  • oldskoolbk

    yo game a bitch ass wanna be Nwa kat that aint shit in the rap game looking for life gonna fukk around and get his life tooken

  • Yung Scrooge

    Umm…Yea, that shit was wack. I rock wit both of them (listen to more Hov’ though). But to have some WHITE french muafuckas’ screaming “Old Ass NIGGA”…Is so out of line and a lame ass “comeback”…

  • Winning

    You extra Lame for this shit….You know how you know these Nigguhs is Lame…Cause only a lame Muthafucka would be twittering or whatever the shit is…Lmao And I feel you Yung Scrooge Come on what does that say about you as a black man…Lol He or Jones aint got a chance with the Brooklyn Boy…I know it’s a recession but the music yall making gon make it a great depression…He talking to yall Mutha fuckas…