The Game Responds To Jay-Z In France

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So Game did this little stunt in Bordeaux, France. You can tell neither of these guys really care.  The Game is just getting people to say “Fuck Jay-Z”, and it comes off a little un-creative.  I think its just weak sauce for a dude from Compton to diss a guy from Brooklyn in Bordeaux, France of all places.  On 4th of July weekend no less.  Hopefully they just let this one fizzle away.




  1. Umm…Yea, that shit was wack. I rock wit both of them (listen to more Hov’ though). But to have some WHITE french muafuckas’ screaming “Old Ass NIGGA”…Is so out of line and a lame ass “comeback”…

  2. You extra Lame for this shit….You know how you know these Nigguhs is Lame…Cause only a lame Muthafucka would be twittering or whatever the shit is…Lmao And I feel you Yung Scrooge Come on what does that say about you as a black man…Lol He or Jones aint got a chance with the Brooklyn Boy…I know it’s a recession but the music yall making gon make it a great depression…He talking to yall Mutha fuckas…

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