Wendy Williams has been doing her thing in the talk show game for a minute now. While discussing Whitney Houston, Wendy broke down and started crying about her own drug past.

“Have you ever tried drugs? Well I have. It’s been many years, I can laugh about it now, too. It’s the stupidest thing I ever did in my life,

you know, but I am familiar with every form of cocaine including crack and that whole bit. And I have to tell you, when I saw this picture right here, show that other picture of Whitney.

[Begins crying] remember that girl, sweaty, hair in the face, grown…I remember that girl very well, [points to herself] I wrote the book and everything. I can own up to my mistakes. Whitney, you need more than outpatient, and furthermore, I’m going to tell you right now because I’ve said it before: I don’t believe that you were sober on Oprah, I don’t believe that you went into rehab voluntarily this time[…]On Inside Edition they said that Whitney just signed on for Waiting to Exhale 2. Well you know what happens with these Hollywood people, you have to be insurable and bankable. Nobody’s insuring [points to photo] this. So clean it up!”

I think its good that Wendy could relate, I just never thought of Wendy as the crack type of girl. I guess you can never tell a book by its cover.

  • ltb

    this isn't anything new.. she talking about being a crackhead over at wbls for years