Chicago Bears’ Sam Hurd Nabbed By Undercovers For Running Chi-Town Drug Ring

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Chicago Bears WR Sam hurd was arrested by undercovers last night after attempting to set up a weekly supply for weed and coke to move in the Chicago area. He met with an undercover at a Chi-town restaurant and talked about how much weight he needed per week, somewhere between 5-10 kilos of coke and 1000 pounds of weed. Thats some serious weight, especially for someone already making an NFL salary. He received a kilo of coke from the undercover at the dinner and even admitted that he was currently moving about 4 keys/week but that his supplier couldn’t keep up. Dude is in deep sh*t, the case had wire taps, bank statements and text conversations all under investigation in addition to ties to money laundering, weapons and illicit cash charges by people he was in contact with. He’s not pulling a Plax or Vick anytime soon, by the time he sees freedom the NFL is gonna be a real distant memory.  For the full story check out ESPN.