“The Snoop I Grew Up With Would Spray Them With A Forty And Blow Blunt Smoke In Their Faces”

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Sergio Cilli from Current TV recently questioned Snoop Dogg’s gangsta in this hilarious PSA-like plea.  I can totally relate to Sergio as he proclaims, “back then, my mom wouldn’t even let me listen to your music.  Now, she thought you were charming on ‘The View.'”  He goes on to make another valid point, which you can see in the headline.  Yes, Snoop stays killing it on a commercial tip; and that’s why he earned 15 million dollars in 2010.

It’s not like Snoop doesn’t know what he’s doing.  At this point Snoop is more than a rapper; he’s a pop icon, and that was a conscious effort on his behalf.  Besides, Snoop Dogg selling out isn’t the worst thing ever.  As one of my favorite rappers of all-time, Snoop’s managed to stay relevant and has proven that he can stay paid and gangsta at the same time.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this Pepsi Max commercial below that features the Doggfather breaking down the 2011 Super Bowl while chilling beside a lowrider.  With all that said, I’m not too confident in the quality of his forthcoming album, The Doggumentary


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