03 Greedo Woozily Spits On “She’s Foreign”

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It’s uncertain when 03 Greedo will be a free man one again — who’s battling a 20-year prison sentence with the potential for parole — but what is resoundingly clear is that he’s arduously prepared for his jailing by recording a wealth of music. A musical stalwart, the “studio rat” label has followed Greedo throughout his impressive ascent, and has fully manifested in the wake of his imprisonment. Today, that narrative is furthered with Greedo’s new SoundCloud track, “She’s Foreign.”

On “She’s Foreign,” Greedo dons his staple slurred crooning hat, conflating it with free-flowing raps to impart yet another impressive addition to both his pre- and post-prison catalogue. The woozy vocals crescendo proportionately with the 808-ladened instrumental without ever straying too far from the pocket.

Prior to going away, Greedo remarked during interviews how he wanted to ensure his child’s financial well-being by stashing as much music as he possibly could. The Wolf of Grape Street has made good on that promise, dropping the full-length Mustard-produced project Still Summer In The Projects back in April, and has been featured on a collection of tracks and other projects  — like the collaborative EP with Travis Barker, Meet The Drummers, Shoreline Mafia’s Party Pack. Vol 2, Yung Bans’ Misunderstood, and more — and it seems like the surface of the musical trench hasn’t even been scratched.

Although a liberated Greedo is definitely a preferred Greedo, it’s nice, in a Gucci Mane type of way, being able to hear the Cali artist’s voice through these à la carte releases.

Check out “She’s Foreign” below: