5 Rappers Who Could Body Kendrick Lamar With A Verse

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5. lupe fiasco

They ain’t from us but they’re claiming they’re Columbus/Their raps come off flat cause they ain’t in circumference/They ain’t in the cypher of some lifers/Them niggas probation, soon to be leavin’ Rikers/They ain’t see us as the circle of my peers/Sir cool but he ain’t spheres

see what he did there? with the circle metaphor? about the world? that’s world-class rap skill is what it is. and i wasn’t always sold on lupe’s musical skills because he chooses beats that sound like a fan whirring or paint drying. but i canNOT take away from the fact that he is one of the most thorough lyricists we’ve seen in hip-hop. this beat is enough to make me wanna grab a cup o’ coffee but the rhymes were fierce and on 1st listen had me like