50 Cent Addresses Label Switch

12 years ago view-show 626,472

So we all heard earlier in the week that 50 Cent was finishing a deal with Capitol Records.  Craig Davis, the VP of Urban Promotions at Capitol/EMI, announced on camera that he was closing a deal with 50, to move him, and apparently the rest of G-Unit to Capitol.  When I heard this I really hoped this dude was telling the truth cause if not, his job could be on the line for running his mouth.  50 called into G-Unit radio to address the rumors personally.  50 called Craig Davis an “idiot,” saying there was no deal whatsoever.  If I was Craig Davis I would start looking for a new job.

The rest of this phone interview is pretty classic 50.  He talks about all sorts of things, including childhood obesity, which he views as a result of video games and bad parenting.  He talks about how some kids need a good a** whooping so they act right.  He straight up calls Diddy a “b*tch,” multiple times, just going at him.  Honestly I think 50 needs to stop talking sh*t and make some records, cause the music he’s dropped lately has been WHACK, and his live show attendance is slacking.  If you don’t agree, read this. And if you have some work for Craig Davis, hit him up, I’m sure he’ll be looking for work soon.