Updated With Photographic Evidence! 50 Cent & Chelsea Handler Dating?

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Update!  TMZ got their hands on a picture of the two snuggling up at th Blue Nile jazz bar below.

Chelsea definitely seems to have a thing for rappers, and 50 has actively been trying to get a date via twitter.  Now according to MTO the two have been seen on two separate dates…interesting.  At least 50 knows Chelsea isn’t just after his money.  She made more than double (19Mill) what 50 made last year (8Mill).

  • According to a MTO spy, 50 and Chelsea were eating together on Saturday night in the New Orleans hot spot MiMi’s. The two came in separate SUVs and sat together. Our snitch says, “It was definitely a date.”And that wasn’t their first date. Another MTOer saw the couple together at a hotel lobby in NASHVILLE, TN! Chelsea had comedy gigs in each city. And 50 . . . well, he was just there to give her a lil MORAL SUPPORT!!!



  1. This place has turned into a trashy tabloid site. What happened to the DAILY Dose? You guys keep posting crap hip-hop-pop. I used to get great music from this site, now its a landfill.

  2. Hey Sam is this a hip hop site or the national enquirer i dont give a shit about who 50 is dating. I wanna hear about nas the lost tapes 2. I wanna hear about that new Jay and Kanye album featuring beats by Pete rock and madlib. I wanna hear about that new dj premier vs. pete rock album. You write about lame bitch shit. Step your shit up nigga.

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