50 Cent Is Getting “Setup” In Another Horrible Movie?

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50 Cent seems to be taking his acting career seriously. However judging from Things Fall Apart and despite his dedication, should we be excited? His second film, Setup, is set to release later this year (no official date yet). The film also features A-list actor, Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe.

Bruce Willis’ involvement makes the movie seem more credible, but judging from the trailer, we are not sure Willis’ presence can save the film. Bruce plays a gangster who hires Ryan Phillipe and 50 Cent to rob a bank and of course things start to go awry. Ryan’s character goes on to double-crossing everyone and 50 basically has to pick up the pieces and get revenge.

The trailer is a preview of what may be yet another low-rent film with 50 Cent’s name on it. Also the movie appears to be a gimmick; as if they’re trying to appeal to the gun-loving, gang loving, action movie aficionados. It doesn’t seem to have a lot of substance. Also the story of 50 Cent’s character seems to be autobiographical, so much for 50 Cent really going for something different.


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