50 Cent On Before I Self Destruct: “It’s Like The Prequel To Get Rich” (Video)

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50 feels the game has gotten too soft and wants to know where all the hardcore rap has gone. He also pointed out how almost all hit Hip Hop records feature an R&B singer on the hook. Despite the current state of the game, 50 promises his new highly anticipated album “Before I Self Destruct”, will bring back that aggressive edge that Hip Hop is missing these days and describes it as the prequel to “Get Rich Or Die Tryin“. 50 says:

“I meant for it to be a little harder and what I fell in love with about hip-hop and within hip-hop. I accomplished it. “Before I Self Destruct” is absolutely harder than “Get Rich or Die Tryin” or other projects in between. “The Massacre” had some real aggressive content on it, but there were other things I wanted to do, like ‘Ryder Music,’ ‘Baltimore Love Thing,’ ‘Build You Up,’ featuring Jamie Foxx. This project [Before I Self Destruct], I kept all of those things out of it. I just made it what I wanted it to be. This album is my album right now. It’s like the prequel to Get Rich — the things I missed on that project.”

“Before I Self Destruct” is set to release on November 23rd.