8 Questions With iHipHop: Kendrick Versus Drake – The Title Fight

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Dan: On “Tuscan Leather” Drake raps, “Just give it time, we’ll see who’s still around a decade from now.” Who will be more relevant a decade from now, Drake or Kendrick?

Drew: The great thing about this battle is that I truly believe both of these artists could be around a decade from now, and I think both of them knows it. We are not really going to determine who is around at that time, but they are, with their incredible work ethic and their undeniable appeal to the fanbase already waiting on this contest to heat up. Drake’s popular sensibilities have positioned him very well for the last five years, but Kendrick’s no slouch either, choosing to build up an unflinchingly loyal core following. This isn’t Ja Rule/50 Cent or even Game/50 Cent. There’s a high probability that both will be relevant in 10 years if they continue to concentrate on making good music. Plus, I don’t feel comfortable betting against either artist.


  1. Agreed with Dan. Kendrick is using all the other artists by talking shit about them. Not a good way to get noticed, but he’s still getting noticed!

  2. So sad if that is the case. Kendrick is very talented in my opinion… so he should just work doubly hard to get what he wants instead of doing this

  3. I don’t think that Drake should be picking a fight with Kendrick over this one. Really, it’s just not worth his time. Plus Kendrick doesn’t get what he wants: attention.

  4. I think its a good thing I personally have grown tired of all the friendly we are the world rappers so if he wants to go at someone maybe it’ll bring back what the game is missing which is heart.

  5. I’d say put ’em two bishes in a closed room, get a CCTV up on it and let ’em claw each other’s eyes out. See how the media goes down on that. Let them unbundle their panties and throw out their tampons.

  6. Drew, I agree with you that both Kendrick and Drizy are talented enough to stay long in this game. But I really do not agree with what Kendrick has been doing.

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