A List Of Every Food Reference Rick Ross Has Ever Made

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Vulture has put together a LONG list consisting of all the food references Rick Ross has ever made in his music. Click ‘more’ to see some excerpts.



* Grey Poupon (“I’m Ballin’” (J Money song): Own restaurants, croissants, my Grey Poupons)
* Mayo (“I’m So Hood” (DJ Khaled song): Mo’ money, mo’ mayo, the yayo in millions I made ‘em)
* Sauce (“Lights Get Low” (Freeway song): Maybach that’s my flying sauce)


* Chips (“I Swear to God”: Salty, we the only niggas eating chips)
* Chips (“Beat Build” (T-Pain song): Sweet tea mob, We up to no good/ I bought the ice cream, I bought the hot sasha/ I bought potato chips, but now it’s Red Lobster)


* Chickens (“Hustlin’”: I feed ‘em steroids to strengthen up all my chickens)
* Chicken (“King of Diamonds”: Pop a chicken in that grease and make one into two)
* Chicken Wings (“I Love My Bitches”: 50 cash in the Louis for the chicken wings)


* You (“I’m Just Doing My Thing”: Eat you like a plate of food)

Click here to see the whole thing. This just might be the most important list of our generation.