Money = Legacy According To Nicki Minaj

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I kind of want to hate on this statement, but then I realized she is kind of right.  The only thing I would disagree with that is that I feel like people who have the best ideas are the ones that make history.  However, the people with the best ideas tend to get to the money as well.  Funny how that works out huh?  Spotted at NB via BBC Radio.

  • Right now you got to paper chase. Paper chasing makes you step your game up. So I think in essence it [ends] up creating an insane legacy…a better legacy. But if you feel like you’re not concerned with money, ‘I don’t need money’ then I think you don’t go as hard. I have to constantly remind myself I want to be at a certain place financially in life one day. I can’t stop, I can’t get comfortable, I can’t take a break, a vacation..none of that“.

Also scope her cover of Black Book’s March pop issue.