Cardi B Declares Her Love For “Money” on New Track

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Released slightly ahead of schedule.

“I like boardin’ jets, I like mornin’ sex / But nothing in this world that / I like more than checks.” Ladies and gentlemen, Cardi B has returned with her new single, “Money”.

Originally supposed to drop later this week, Cardi has surprised listeners by releasing “Money” ahead of schedule.

As the song’s title suggests, “Money” pays in-depth homage to Cardi’s main source of joy, the dead presidents. Cardi might make her sex life and lust for “the D” fairly public, but she clarifies how her resounding number-one priority–aside from her daughter, Kulture–is increasing her bottomline as much as possible. Given the luxury items discussed on this track, it sounds like she’s manifesting her cash-netting destiny.

Listen to Cardi’s new “Money” single below: