Ace Hood Reveals That He Asked DJ Khaled For Money And Financial Hardships

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Ace Hood released his latest album, Blood, Sweat & Tears yesterday. His story to the release of this album is pretty interesting. He revealed to The Breakfast Club the true real-life inspiration for “Hustle Hard.”  Ace Hood was facing eviction and financial problems in which he overcome in order to finish this album.

He even paused and contemplated about the direction in which his life was going and if music was the right career path for him:

“I was just thinking, what’s going to be my next move, musically? I kind of went back to my old roots. My family is Christian, so I kind of sat music aside for a little bit. I ended up getting back into it. I questioned whether or not this was right for me.

At his time of need, he also reached out to the  Hip Hop narcissist, DJ Khaled and Khaled definitely told him to use this situation in order as inspiration for a hit.  Check out the interview below.


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