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j-2_phixrWith teens and tweens, virtually being the only ones not affected by the current economy, the market for [their] music has remained (somewhat) intact.

By that statistic alone, most record labels still feel comfortable releasing more music geared towards those who aren’t old enough to vote, but still receive a weekly allowance, or have no complaints working a job that only gives out part time hours.

Right now the “teenie bopper” R&B talent pool is filled with names like Trey Songz, Omarion, J. Holiday, and yes—like it or not, Chris Brown is still amongst that group as well.

But one new comer making his way to poolside is Chicago native Jeremih Felton.

Performing under “Jeremih,” the singer-songwriter, who also happens to be the cousin of Day26’s Willie Taylor, introduces himself to the world with his self-tilted album, Jeremih.

Spearheaded by his massive hit ‘Birthday Sex, and the machine known as Def Jam Records, the first-timer loads up his debut with content that is sure to make adolescent girls rearrange the play lists on their iPOD’s.

Songs like ‘That Body,‘Raindrops,’ ‘Starting All Over,andBreak Up To Make Up’ play more towards the soothing parts of a relationship—while contributions like ‘Runway,and the Auto-tuned ‘Jumpin’ cater right to the club scene; leaving tunes like ‘Imma Star (Everywhere We Are),’ ‘Hatin’ On Me,and ‘My Ride’ to bring out the braggadocio side in him.

He wraps it up with the beat box-influenced ‘Buh Bye, his version of a ballet in ‘Sunshine, and a remix to his chart topper, ‘Birthday Sex.

In the end, Jeremih touches on all aspects of the spectrum, when it comes to keeping the attention of an audience who’s biggest fear is not getting into a live tapping of 106 & Park.

His self-tilted project shouldn’t have any trouble finding its way into the homes of girls with raging hormones, who probably already have his posters tattered over all over their walls, while leaving him millions of Myspace comments.

Besides, when you’re the new heartthrob on the block, what more could you ask for?

Rating: 3.0



  1. did the dude who wrote this really say trey songz is teenie bopper…apperantly this mother fucker dont know what hes talkin bout. step ya r&b game up be4 u write a article on it…

  2. “Teenie bopper R&B” The definition: An artist that the teenage audience likes, and is receptive to.. Of course Trey [Songz] isn’t a teen, he’s a grown man… Next time, take some time to comprehend the terminology before you comment… Thanks…

  3. trigga trey doesnt make music to appeal to the teens such as omarion and chris sayin..if you listened to his albums and his mixtapes…hes on his grown man…he on anotha level den dem cats…so your tellin me you put trey songz & this fool jeremih in the same “talent pool”??
    but wow awful sensitive arent we?? ha
    (and by the way…there is no exact definition of what a “teenie bopper” is..its open to interpretation…dont believe everything you read on the internet homie.. luv.

  4. He may not make music to appeal to teens, but teens appeal to him, and they account for a large percentage of his sales… I don’t make up the facts, just report them… But good looks on the feedback… And oh yeah, I don’t read phony information on the Internet, having ACTUAL firsthand information is always better… 🙂

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