Album Review: Warren G- The G Files

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During the 90’s, West Coast Hip-Hop reigned supreme, and one of the soldiers in its movement was none other than Warren G. [Click for interview]

After his massive hit ‘Regulate’ sold over 12 million copies collectively, he became his own man, rather than just being Dr. Dre’s brother,” and now he’s back with his latest offering; The G Files.

Just like his previous projects, the bulk of the production load falls on him as well as the MC’ing duties.

It’s no surprise that his 213 partners Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg make the cut, but Warren G also invites  Travis Barker, Raekwon [Click for interview], Ray J, and West Coast veteran RBX as well. 

The file cabinet opens up with the mellow sounds of ‘West Is Back’ (feat. Mr. Lucc and Halla), as the trio pays homage to the place they call home.

From there, songs like ‘True Star, and the smoker’s theme; ‘Lets Get High (420)’ (feat. Travis Barker and Black Nicc) keep the momentum up. 

Nate Dogg and Raekwon make their way onto ‘100 Miles And Runnin’ with Nate [Dogg] taking care of the hook, (of course) while Warren G and Raekwon handle the rest.  

On the simple production of ‘Drinks Ain’t Free,’ Warren G tells those of the female species that the drink will only come in bunches if you stick around for the night. The last part of 213 in Snoop Dogg appears on ‘Swagger Rich,’ (also featuring Cassie Davis), with the concept being focused on their swagger, (obviously). 

Other songs that make their way into the manila folder are pieces of music like ‘Ringtone,’ ‘Crush’ (feat. Ray J), and the uplifting ideals of ‘Hold On.’ 

The G Files may not bring Warren G back to the dominance he once held on the charts, but he’s managed to preserve his sound over the years when others try frantically to keep up with the “new,” and end up losing themselves in the process. And that testament alone is always worth a listen…

Rating: 3.0