Amber Rose Promotes Her Book, Says Wiz Could Beat Up Kanye And That Kanye Is Bitter

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So, Amber Rose’s book deal caused an upheaval in the twitter world/blog world and shortly after Rosenberg’s tweet, she came onto Hot 97 to clear some things up. Quickly winning them over, they discussed the content on her upcoming novel. She explained that she was not going to really go into detail about her relationship with ‘Ye. She does not want to pull a Superhead, she explained “I can’t care to talk about him.”

Then they got to the subject of Yeezy throwing jabs at her lyrically in his albums. (how could we forget “Yeezy Taught Me?” or even the slight jab in Watch The Throne’s “New Day“) She responded to the whole thing by saying that Kanye is bitter and she’s not. She went into detail about her relationship with Wiz and her separation from the rap game after the relationship with Kanye went sour.

In this video below, Cipha asks Amber if ‘Ye and Wiz got into a fight, who would win… Amber supported her man a 100%. Check it out.

And she badmouths Funkmaster Flex also…which is probably one of my favorite parts.

During this 40 plus minute interview, I want to believe her. I really do but I don’t know if I’m convinced, really. She’s playing the victim a lot. And unfortunately it’s  really hard to talk a really attractive girl seriously. Anyone could agree with that. I never agree with the statement whoever you decide to date defines you, but with Amber Rose… it’s hard not to think that way. Once she establishes what she wants to do with her fame, then maybe she can establish a status other than rapper’s girlfriend. I do believe she is more than just a pretty face, but instead of talking about future ventures, I’d like to see her just do it already.

Listen to the whole interview. (It’s actually interesting.)


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