And It Countinues…Baby Drops 1.5 Million On A Watch

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One of these days I really want to write a headline something along the lines of “Baby Gives 3 Million To Charity”.  I mean you can do douche bag stuff like this as long as you counter act it with some philanthropy.  Karma is a b*tch though.  Don’t be surprised to see this guy broke in 20 years.  Also Birdman interacting with the ancient orthodox jewish jeweler was entertaining.  I guess he is copping some sort of outrageous chandelier as well.

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  1. Who the fuck are yall to tell this man how to spend his money? How much do u niggaz give to charity? No bullshit excuse like u aint got his kinda money cuz it aint bout how much u give its that u give period. Only ppl he needa give money to is all them producers

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