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I suppose when you have a $1.5 million lawsuit hanging over your head, that early retirement you planned for yourself might not be the best idea because surprise surprise Game is not throwing in the towel just yet, even though he like many before him have talked about it. He told a packed out crowd at a concert in Los Angeles this weekend that he is working on his fourth album.
Game is being sued by the basketball coach he punched in the face nearly two years ago for which he then served an 8 day prison sentence for having a fire arm in a school zone. He has failed to respond to the civil allegations brought against him and if he doesn’t respond to the courts by April, then Game will have to make sure he records a couple more albums to pay this dude off.


  1. to the person who writes these little articles …..where the fuck do you get your shit from???? ….i went to go see the game at the grove in anaheim a couple of days before the LA concert and he did announce a 4th album……but not because he owes money… really think that 1.5 mill is shit to game it aint 1.5 isnt shit to the game…..he make way more than that…..hes doing it for the fans hes a real mc, rapper ,artist ….stop hating …fuck all haters cant be fucked with….

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