Artist Is The New Word For Unemployed

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I know we are living in tough economic times and jobs are hard to come by. With older generations whenever they had a decrease in employment opportunities an increase in crime was the usual trend. Not with this generation. We have a new trend where unemployed people are claiming to be artists. I believe people should always follow their dreams, but claiming to be a singer, songwriter, producer, rapper, or work in media because you own a MAC laptop and can’t get a job, is just lame. This trend is very popular in the hipster community. Don’t get it twisted I got l love for authentic hipsters, but this new trend is making it hard on real artist to shine.

Most of these so called artists sit around drinking PBR ,getting baked and living that freegan lifestyle just riding the wave of the scene they are in. These clowns are socializing and multiplying into a community of bum ass talent. So don’t let these artists fool you.  They really just don’t have a job.


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