Asher Roth: The Roth Boys in the Building

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It’s been years since white suburban boys had an artist to rock to who actually looked and dressed like them. Since Eminem has fallen off the face of the Earth – and has seemingly been struck with tradgedy after tradgedy until he just contemplates his own suicide – a new artist has taken the baton and run with it.

Now, not every white rapper has to be compared to Eminem, but it’s only natural. Before he came along, they were all compared to Vanilla Ice, and so on. So, newcomer Asher Roth seems to be ok with the comparisons. However, he’s on his hustle to make his own name and stay in his own lane.

I first became familiar with Asher when I saw him in a video with Pac Div, and I immediately became curious if he was a reporter or actually an artist. Indeed, he’s an artist and has already released a mixtape with big-timers Don Cannon and DJ Drama.

Check out Asher at his own blog, his MySpace or his website – and let us know what you think of the newest white boy in hip-hop, and if he’s actually got a shot.


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