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After his last album didn’t do quite as well as he had hoped Usher has decided to roll without wifey’s influence on this one, making Tameka, much to her disapproval, stay he ass home with the kiddies this time around. Usher is currently working out in Las Vegas with Pharrell Williams and his long time homie Jermaine Dupri and, well we all know the unwritten rule, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas lol so it is no wonder that Tameka is tripping.
Also keeping with the wives and baby mommas of Atlanta’s entertainers it looks like the girls are getting their shot at a reality TV show. Tiny , wife of TI, Lil Wayne’s ex Toya, Kandi from Xscape and Lyfe Jennings estranged girl are all said to be starring in a show. What the show will be about I have no idea but I am guessing it won’t see a second series if it ever sees a first. Word on the street is that Tip wasn’t too impressed with the thought of his home life being on show for all but Tiny obviously fought her case especially with him being away for a year, what is a girl to do?


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