Based Basketball: Kevin Durant vs. Lil B

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In a recent Complex interview, Lil B (AKA The Based God) called out NBA superstar Kevin Durant for being a hater.  “I was talking to Kevin Durant on the DM. I was showing him love like, ‘KD, it’s all good.’ But Kevin Durant looks like a hater.”  remarked the Cooking sensation.  “I heard he has a rap artist and that’s why he was trippin'” said Lil B before boasting, “But, man, KD? I’ma beat him in basketball and then he’s gonna have to listen to my music. Then I’ma ask him, “Who’s your favorite artist, KD?” Then he’s gonna tell me and I’ma play my songs that shit on his favorite artist.

Well, it’s looking like this one-on-one game is about to become a reality, as Durant recently got at B on Twitter.  Taunting Lil B, the Thunder player tweeted, “don’t be scared when I call u up for the game..u talkin trash, jus for that you won’t score.”  Durant can clear his mind knowing that B probably won’t stack up to him on the court and won’t make any attempts at his girl.  On the subject Lil B told Complex, “Am I gonna f*ck Kevin Durant’s bi*ch? If he offers, I might take up the offer. But if KD doesn’t offer, I really don’t have any intentions to do that.”

By the way, check out iHipHop’s exclusive video interview with the Base God himself, Lil B



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