Lil Pump Signs With Warner Bros.

 |  March 12, 2018

Pump finally has a home.

For over a year, Lil Pump has been a polarizing enigma. A kid with ostensibly minimal conceptual depth, Pump has put massive numbers on the board, making him the within the top-200 most listened to Spotify artists–an impressive feat. All of this remarkable performance has manifested in a lucrative record deal with one of the big three, Warner Brothers Records.

After numerous rumors of Pump’s destination, from DJ Khaled to Gucci Mane’s labels, the South Florida artist finally decided on the behemoth label. With a shockingly low contract (he will be getting paid $9K for the first year, $12K in the second and will increase to $15K between his third to seventh year), it’s a little surprising that he wound up going with them, but Pump will get 14% of US royalties–a commanding income source.