Happy Mother’s Day to all of the influential women out there.

With yesterday being Mother’s Day, the hip-hop community has been paying homage to the influential women in their lives. In addition to Rapsody’s recently-released “Phylicia”, an ode to her ma, Sacramento’s Mozzy has come through to deliver a touching tribute to his grandmother on “Legal Guardian/Guardian Angel.”

A remarkably impactful woman in his life, Mozzy’s grandmother has been integral to his musical success. A crutch for him to lean on in the most trying times, this strong individual was the support network necessary for Mozzy to weather his hardest moments — and now, he’s here to repay the “debt” by penning the beautiful “Legal Guardian/Guardian Angel.”

To all the strong women out there who’ve been the backbone of our triumphs and the ears for us to vent to, we thank you.Listen to Mozzy’s “Legal Guardian/Guardian Angel” below: