Just as the graphic yet thought-provoking title and artwork depicts, “Officer Kill a N*gga” by acclaimed rapper KXNG Crooked, is a deep record that has its proverbial crosshair aimed at police and law enforcement agencies across America — and even goes on to address the on-going police brutality and killings we face here in our country — or as KXNG and legendary West Coast rapper, Ice Cube, has called it: AmeriKKKa. In addition to the song, KXNG has shared a powerful statement regarding the track and his feelings towards the recent wave of police brutality: “Back in the early eighties we traded our white hood for a badge and a blue uniform and we fooled them n*ggas. For over four decades we been Blu Klux Klannin’ them n*ggas, slaughtering em by the thousands cause we hate them n*ggas. Just dial 911 and we’ll come out and kill a n*gga.” Incredible stuff from KXNG Crooked. Listen to his new track, “Officer Kill a N*gga,” after the jump.