The Hood Internet!

 |  May 3, 2011

All I know is that there is actually some kind of mash up crew called The Hood Internet.  Might be the best group name I have ever heard in my life.  Pretty much why I’m posting this.  Also some rappers are involved.  According to that fancy alt site Pitchfork:

See if you can keep up here: Mashup-loving duo the Hood Internet are prepping a record of original material for release some time in the near future– but before that, they’re putting out this cover of the xx’s “VCR”, featuring Freddie Gibbs, Class Actress vocalist Elizabeth Harper, and Telli of Brooklyn toilet-rap outfit Ninjasonik. Got it? Good, now check out the song below.

The Hood Internet ft Freddie Gibbs, Telli of Ninjasonik, Elizabeth Harper of Class Actress “VCR”