I was doing some web surfing when I came across this documentary trailer. Its Hip Hop meets Blood Diamond the movie. Shout out to Respect for covering this. Uganda has been called one of the worst places on earth to be a child. In the South, children face the threat of poverty and disease. In the North, these threats are escalated by a brutal, mindless war inflicted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (L.R.A.).

This documentary is directed by Nabil Elderkin, narrated by Common, and contains interviews with Mos Def, Will-I-Am, and K’Naan. Bouncing Cats follows Abramz, Crazy Legs, and Breakdance Project Uganda on a journey to use hip-hop culture for positive social change.  Crazy Legs, one of the founding members of the seminal Rock Steady Crew visited Uganda after receiving an invitation from Abramz to teach b-boy classes. Crazy Legs was sadden and inspired by what he saw. Traveling throughout Uganda, from the southern slums to the war-torn North, Crazy Legs encountered a passion for hip-hop and desire to learn despite the horrific conditions.