New heat from the Long Beach native.

Simply put, there’s no one like Vince Staples. A 24-year-old man who’s accomplished so much musically, and been in the public eye for the better part of a decade, Vince has never let the public or mainstream media control him. So when people try to box him into their image of what they think he should act like, naturally he rebels. Just in case you needed reminding, Vince just dropped off a song entitled, “Get the F**k Off My Dick”.

This track comes on the heels of a very important announcement made yesterday by Vince. Knowing that some people want him to either act a certain way or shut up, Vince issued a Go Fund me requesting $2MM to fund his lifestyle, which will facilitate his move to Palmdale, buying a Honda, and lacing the homies with a year’s supply of soup. If he doesn’t, well, then Vince is going to keep doing Vince. In case you want to test him, go listen to “Get The F**k Off My Dick”.

Peep the new heat below: