Just when I was starting to feel bad for this clown act, he goes and does some sh*t like this.  You know you’re a joke when you’ve been robbed so many times that you need to post a video every time you buy a new piece of jewelry.  When was the last time Yung Berg’s music was relevant anyway?  It’s gotten to the point where nobody knows him for his songs, they just know him as that douche that’s constantly schemed on.  This video should come with the address to Berg’s house because it’s just a matter of time before he gets jacked again.


Notice how he doesn’t even mention the new chain in this video, but it’s apparent in every shot.  By the way, this is the wackest chain in the history of wack chains.  You should probably just skip to the last 10 seconds of this video so you can see some video vixen’s fat ‘donk.