Brotha Lynch Hung ft Tech N9ne “ICU”

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If you’re looking for a song about rape, necrophilia, amputation, castration, and decapitation, look no further than this single from Brotha Lynch Hung’s upcoming album, Coathanga Strangla. The West Coast spitter’s been dropping disgusting rhymes for years, and something tells me that he’s hasn’t lost his edge.  I feel like he’s also capitalizing because Odd Future is kind of making the horrorcore genre more approachable again, not to mention both camps are pushing the envelope on what’s offensive these days.  Brotha’s label head, Tech N9ne swoops in for the final verse on “ICU”.  Coathanga Strangla drops April 5th…judging by the fact that there’s a song called “Look It’s A Dead Body,” listed on the album, there most likely won’t be any Top 40 hits on it.

Brotha Lynch Hung “ICU” ft Tech N9ne