Caleborate x Kota The Friend Link on “Contact”

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Two young lyrically-minded artists uniting.

Part of hip-hop’s allure is its continuous desire for evolution. It’s evolved with the culture while simultaneously shaping it, going through new iterations as it’s found its way to the most popular genre in the world. What started as beat breaks and hyper lyrical focus has transitioned into a more musically-inclusive and stylistically-fluid approach. But the lynchpin to hip-hop’s success has been its conduit to expression — through production, lyrics, and energy. While the lyrical focus has lessened in recent years, there are still camps of artists who proudly carry this written word torch. Recently, two of those artists, Caleborate and Kota The Friend, linked on the former’s new single, “Contact.”

Check out the Caleborate x Kota The Friend link-up below: