Kota the Friend Celebrates on “Outside”

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The Brooklyn MC shares joy on his new single.

Kota the Friend is a prime example of what transpires when talent meets an enduring work ethic. Arriving on the scene in the mid 2010s, the Brooklyn native has never compromised his integrity — one composed of telling honest stories from an unflinching lens — in favor of trends. Kota might not brag about the latest luxury designers or flex his earnings, but his formula of marrying personal anecdotes with relaxed instrumentals has fostered organic fan accumulation. 

Part of Kota’s allure is his relatability; his authenticity facilitates resonation with listeners. On his latest single, “Outside,” the Foto rapper speaks on a variety of topics that have granted him a renewed perspective on life, allowing him to appreciate the world around him.

“Most folks do not want to see you win / Got rich just so I could say I did,” Kota raps with pride. It’s not a braggadocious bar, however — it’s a line about transcending the vulture-like society we inhabitate. Misery loves company, and the internet is perpetually searching to drag others down to their woeful state. But, with a bounce in his step and the sun in his eyes, Kota shrugs off those fiending for his demise by leaning into positivity and venturing into the proverbial great outdoors. 

Over half a decade into his career, Kota is finally receiving his flowers. He just wants to walk “Outside” to smell them. 

Listen to Kota the Friend’s new single below: