Cap Gold Is Ready To “Ride Out” On New Single

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The San Antonio standout keeps adding to his resume.

2020 has been a prolific year for San Antonio’s own, Cap Gold. The gold-grilled artist has been flooding the internet with singles and videos, proving that his hustle is commensurate with his talent. Today, he returns by reprising one of his standout Soundcloud singles, “Ride Out,” with an official worldwide release.

When presented with adversity, the choices are binary: flight or fight. How one answers the call will dictate their legacy. Will they be weak and falter, or will they be great and respond? On “Ride Out,” Cap Gold proves that he’s trending towards greatness, as he doesn’t view obstacles as hurdles — for him, they’re building blocks.

“Ride Out,” which has topped one-million-streams on SoundCloud, is a pensive offering that finds Cap Gold standing toe-to-toe with harrowing circumstances. Digging deep into his soul, Cap reflects on past hardships to give him the courage to triumph.

Producers King3third and Nashi manifest these emotions through a somber instrumental that juxtaposes hard-hitting drums with sentimental piano keys, astutely capturing the song’s emotional dichotomy. The two structure this dynamic beat around a sample from Rod Wave’s standout single, “Green Light.

Listen to Cap Gold’s “Ride Out” below:


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