Chelly Flame Announces Babygrande Signing With Scorching Hot Single & Video, “Big Flame”

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The Atlanta artist makes a statement.

Atlanta’s Chelly Flame is ready to set the industry on fire. Overflowing with an infectious charism, the zealous 20-year-old imbues her music with a palpable swagger. This magnetism caught the attention of the New York-based independent label, Babygrande Records, which has officially announced its signing of the exciting artist. “Our commitment to empowering and working with female artists across all of our labels and imprints is well documented. Chelly’s range as both a singer/songwriter and astute street lyricist made this an easy decision—she’s got the goods,” says Chuck Wilson, CEO and Chairman of Babygrande Global. Making the record deal official, Chelly Flame has released her debut Babygrande single and video, “Big Flame.”

Chelly Flame is a dynamic artist capable of imparting both sultry jams and hard-hitting Rap anthems. With “Big Flame,” Chelly decisively opts for the latter. From the jump, producer ecg703’s chilling “Big Flame” keys and bassline set an eerie tone that rolls out the red carpet for Chelly Flame’s grand entrance. Chelly’s captivating presence matches the song’s dark atmosphere and positions her as a force to be reckoned with. On “Big Flame,” Chelly makes it perfectly clear that she’s arrived, and that she isn’t here to play games.

Chelly Flame’s vivid lyricsm lends itself to vibrant depictions, but this ability is truly illuminated with a visual aid. Introducing fans to this enthrallment, Babygrande Records enlisted Atlanta’s GT Films for the “Big Flame” music video.

Capturing the song’s menacing ethos and Chelly’s palpable star power, the “Big Flame” video is a gripping cinematic experience. GT Films uses a contrasting color palette of fiery imagery and dark tones to showcase Chelly’s scorching hot persona. Commanding the camera with her undeniable bravado, the Atlanta artist raps with a purpose that will engross viewers as she moves through the various scenes with her unwavering energy. 

With so much talent and poise, Chelly is an immediate artist to watch, and is keen on branding the game with her signature style — and she hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of her potential. “Everybody sounds like somebody; I’m just trying to separate myself. I’m happy to be a part of the Babygrande family. It’s up!” says the Atlanta artist. 

The best from Chelly Flame has yet to come.

Watch the “Big Flame” video now.