Cardi B is Pregnant

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Big news from Cardi and her fiancé, Offset.

Last week was monumental for the effervescent Cardi B. She finally showed the music world that her star power extends past a few billboard hits into a bonafide premium album, which included features from Chance the Rapper, Migos, Kehlani, and more. While this release will catapult her career, it is a subplot to even bigger Cardi B news: her and Offset are with child.

Performing at Saturday Night Live this past weekend, Cardi went on a stage in a tight-fitting white dress that revealed her baby bump. Performing “Be Careful”, Cardi handled herself with elegance and poise, creating synergy with the houseband for the live rendition. The future seems bright for Cardi B and fiancé Offset.

After her show, Offset tweeted a picture of the two with a caption declaring his excitement for their future. Life offers few absolutes, but given this unborn child’s lineage, it’s almost certain that they will be a talented musician.

Watch her SNL performance below: