Offset Pulls Up At Georgia Voting Stations With Free Food

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Offset’s doing his civic duty.

In what’s perhaps the most stressful and consequential election of our modern political times, it’s paramount for everyone to find some sort of respite, it’s crucial to show kindness to our fellow countrymen. Ensuring a relatively smooth voting process, and incentivising individuals to cast their ballot, Offset performed a civic duty by providing free food for Georgia voters.

Partnering with The Lincoln Project, the ironically Republican affiliate intent on preventing Trump’s re-election, Offset pulled up to voting stations in a food truck, rewarding those waiting in lines on Election Day. To some, this might be a small token of support, but it’s a microcosm of the shifting American political landscape, showing younger people and celebrities doing their part to lend a hand.

Other celebrities, like Paul Rudd, have helped in similar ways by handing out cookies, food, and moral support to those waiting in lines.

A true nail-biter of an election, and in such a divisive climate, it’s reassuring to see selfless acts in the name of promoting voter turnout.

Check out a video of Offset handing out food below: