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We all remember last September when Kanye got a lil perturbed with paparazzi at LAX, well he has been charged with a string of misdemeanor charges by an LA District Attorney.. He and Don Crawley, friend and road manager of the rapper were charged with vandalism, grand theft and battery after knocking a camera and video cam out of the hands of photographers last fall.
The two are set to be arraigned at an LA court house on April 14th. Felony charges were dismissed six months ago when LA County DA offices decided not to bother charging the duo, probably had more important things to do where as this is down to the city prosecutors. Kanye could face up to 2.5 years behind bars and Crawley up to five if convicted. Shocking.


  1. Cameras following celebs are somewhat annoying, maybe Kanye have had enough or it could be that he just felt like knocking them down. Kanye’s Fame may have got into his head and wanted to start acting like a felon. hehe

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