WORLD PREMIERE: Liam Tracy Continues “Goin Up” on Debut 2021 Single

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The New York artist reflects on his past to understand his future.

Growing up in New York, Liam Tracy’s dynamic music reflects being raised in hip-hop’s birthplace while also having a unique perspective. Liam is a nimble artist who incorporates various elements into his sound with a hybrid rapping-singing aesthetic; he adheres to hip-hop’s stylistically-fluid direction. On his debut 2021 single, “Goin Up,” Liam synchronizes this eclectic skill set for a standout track.

Produced by Matty P, Liam contemplatively splits the sea of guitar riffs and trap drums with a layered flow and a heavy mind. “Goin Up” is an emotionally transparent offering that witnesses Liam Tracy penning a real-time diary entry. The Babygrande Records’ artist talks openly and honestly with listeners, presenting an endearing vulnerability that highlights his self-possession. 

This potent vocal and instrumental combination creates a pensive atmosphere that finds Liam reflecting on his past while looking ahead to the future. The Drugs and Alcohol artist’s introspection forms a connection between this spectrum; he knows that prior improprieties have more potential to be stepping stones instead of landslides. 

Liam uses his past as a mirror; it is his guide, it is his muse. This honest self-assessment helps him understand his imperfections, and thus elucidates his path forward.

Armed with the power of self-awareness and confidence, Liam Tracy is “Goin Up.”  

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