Chris Brown + Rapping = Not A Good Look

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Rumor has it Chris Breezy is thinking about entering the rap game and he’s possibly working on a rap album. The problem with this, is that Chris’s flow is below average and sounds like a watered down Drake. Actually he even makes Tyga sound good
which is hard to do. I don’t know if Chris was inspired to spit because of Drake and Trey Songz’s fame in rapping and singing or if it was his recent plea to his fans to buy his album, but he sucks. I really don’t wanna sound like a hater, but if your good at something I believe you should pursue it. But don’t take my word for it, check out the two video’s below that features Chris Brown the rapper and Tyga. (Side Note) I don’t even wanna talk about Tyga trying to steal Wiz Khalifa’s flow. (Wiz would sound so much better on G Sh*t)

Chris Brown Featuring Tyga – Holla at Me

Tyga Featuring Chris Brown – G Sh*t


  1. This is a horrible post cuhz. Granted Chris aint the greatest rapper and neither is Tyga but they both made a couple of dope tracks with these two songs. And as for Tyga stealing Wiz's flow is bullshit and their content is different and his Black Thoughts mixtape still gets play in my rotation. And I'm always down for artists trying to branch out it into different genres it allows them to be more creative. I feel where you coming from when they branch out and just sound terrible Cough**Tyrese**Cough but these track are a bad example of that because they're not bad at all.

  2. This is a horrible post cuhz. Granted Chris and Tyga aren't the best rappers in the world but the two have made a couple of dope tracks in the past few weeks. Tyga's Black Thoughts mixtape still gets rotation and I think cuhz showed his potential on that. As for him stealin Wiz's flow is bullshit even their rhyme scheme and content is different. I see where you coming from with artist branching out and being trash **Cough Tyrese Cough** but these two track are a bad representation of that because Chris doesn't sound aweful on them. I like when artist branch out because it allows them to be creative and show different aspects of them as an artist.

  3. I agree with paulanthony91 completely. Chris Brown pretty sick when it come 2 rapping. It don't b ass at all. In these 2 vids I thought CB got off actually. Tyga…………His last 2 mixtapes been pretty nice. B4 those tho he was kinda weak with the songs. What Chris need to do is drop the hottest singles and a classic album that we can rock 2 and all can be forgiven. (R. Kelly) The reason Graffiti ain't really poppin like it should is because it not all that compared 2 his previous 2 albums.

  4. dont agree with you talking about tyga cant rap and stealing flows you need a BIG CUM ON MAN!!!!! for that

  5. I find it funny that 2 years ago it was every one loving Chris brown after a little incident now everyones a hater now huh………jokes…….If he got talent he got talent that all I look at……..REAL Keep it REAL!!

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