CNN Report: Are Kids in America Racist?

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CNN conducted a study to see if children in America were color blind. CNN tested 133 students from 8 different schools: Four in New York area and four from Georgia. The study shows that most children, black or white, are biased toward lighter skin. Check out the video below.  The special airs tonight at 10pm.


  1. This shits getting old!
    What is worrying though is how the whites girls kids answers haven't changed since the first doll tests, but I am glad to see how the black childs answers demonstrate the changes that have gone on inside the black community and shows that it has worked.
    I'm as proud of her as her father is, but does it also demonstrate that white america needs to step their game up and step from out of the shadow of ignorance. Because though they may not like it, the world is changing with or without them.

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