Combat Jack: Yung Berg Should Try Vic Rap

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You probably heard about Yung Berg getting robbed again. For $10,000 worth of cash and jewelry. They also pistol whupped him good. At some house party in Los Angeles this past Monday. His rep is claiming it never happened and that dude was away in Los Vegas. Once again, dude is the butt of a lotta people’s jokes. They’re having an effin field day with him over on Twitter.

Which I think is unfair. I also think it’s unfair that Berg and his people have to cover up for him like that. In a world that is changing at unparalleled rates, Berg sits in a very pivotal spot, and at an incredibly important time, not only for his career, but for rap as well. Last year saw the introduction of Old Man rap with two records being dropped by rap’s elder statesmen Jay-Z and Raekwon. Both records did well. The game is filled with all types of genres, Gansta rap, Cocaine rap, Party rap. Kanye and Cudi even expanded the boundaries of rap recently by introducing us to Emo rap. I hate Emo rap. But thats besides the point.

One of the things that rap suffers from is the misconception that every rapper has to be hard, gangsta, a thug, a super lover, or extra rich, an ex drug dealer. Rick Ross even made it possible for rappers to be an ex Corrections Officer turnt ex drug lord. Problem is all those images are ¬†fantasy concepts that end up doing more damage than good to rappers and fans alike. In the interest of coming off hard, or thug like, young men are being robbed, shot, imprisoned or killed for the sake of perpetuating false images of rap manhood. Not every rapper can be a tough guy. Rappers, just like everybody else, can get robbed. I myself was held at gun point a couple of years ago, during a trip to Aruba. It was several gunmen, and I had a pocket full of cash. And a gold Rolex watch. This took place inside of a casino. I was with one of my boys from Harlem, a cat that was nice with his hands and never backed down from a fight. But when them gunmen ran up into the casino, semi autos held high, and their faces covered with bandanas, blood in their eyes, yelling at us all in Spanish, me and my boy, like the entire crowd that was there, hid under the tables, wishing, praying we didn’t end up getting shot, kidnapped, beheaded or worse.

Still, we came out of that incident with our dignity intact. People get robbed all the time. So does Yung Berg. Being that rap is changing, Berg has a great opportunity to take advantage of his woes by capitalizing on the realities of his life. Getting robbed, pistol whupped, smacked in the mouth by rapper Maino, there’s a whole lot of stories, subject matter that the young rapper can wax poetic about. Victim Rap is what he should call it. Vic Rap. People love the underdog, and ain’t no dog out in the game more under than Yung Berg. Eminem did it, back when he was at the disadvantage of being the only credible white rapper. Jay-Z did it when he shared how his mom was a drug addict, and how he sold her drugs. The late BIG even capitalized about how he was fat, nasty and very dark skinned. True all of the above were at the top of their craft. But I believe if he sincerely tried, Berg rapping about his life as a chronic victim would endear himself to a fanbase that, up til now, have held him in the light of being a clown.

Not that I ever cared about his material, but I’d love to hear what went through his mind that time that barefooted white dude punched him in the back of the head, in the middle of the day. Out in public. On that street in Los Angeles. On camera. Or the pain he went through when he realized he no longer was the owner of that silly Transformer piece. To resonate with the common man never hurt anybody’s career. And now more than ever, Yung Berg is in dire need of resonating with someone, anyone.

It may seem like a longshot, this Vic Rap thing, but what other choice does this young man have? If he does decide to man up and go in this direction, I have possible song title suggestions for him.

“Pistol Whupped”

“House Break Lover”

“Smacked On The Streets”

“Here Them Niggas Come Again”

“Tuck In Them Chains, Quick!”

“Don’t Want That Chain Back No Mo'”

“Po-lice On Speed Dial”

“Aha, The Watch Was A Fake”

“Me And My Niggas Runnin’ Fast”

“That’s Gonna Leave A Mark!”

“Don’t Hit Me No More”

“Hidin In The Closet Wit My Boo”

“Studio Hogtie”

“Open Letter To Maino”

“Damn, My Momma Gave Me That”

“Overnight Deebo”

“Suicide Watch”

You get the picture. These days, it takes a courageous person to stand alone and go against convention. Too many people are dying, it’s time to start living. In Yung Berg’s case, it’s time for him to start losing for the win.


  1. I had never seen that clip, LOL Classic.

    I swear i was just thinking about dude, VIC Rap has a nice ring to it, I approve the message.

    Yo Combat nice little clean spot you got here

  2. LOL!!!!! fuck yung berg, dude is pussy. i mean i feel ya on when to stand down when there is heat in ya face. But when you getting punch in public, it doesnt if dude is black or white, and ya dont shit? pussy

    that dude was in minneapolis, mn and he was talking shit in the club on the mic, when my nigga got up said ” nigga fuck that shit you talking, where ya muthafucking chain at?” Nigga look sad as hell, LOL

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